minimalist bedroom 4

Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas

As the high demand of the modern people in building minimalist home design that offers more freshness, simplicity and free from stress, minimalist bedroom is now in high demand too. This bedroom design offers a better appearance than other bedroom designs and ideas. The minimalist bedroom design provides more comfortable appearance because it looks simple, fresh, modern and stylish. Even, the small bedroom size can be transformed into large and […]

Engineered bamboo flooring 8

The Beauty and Benefits of Engineered Bamboo Flooring

If you are looking for natural flooring for you house, you should consider using bamboo flooring. Well, in bamboo flooring itself, there are several flooring choices. It is the strand woven bamboo, solid bamboo, and engineered bamboo flooring. People often opt for solid bamboo flooring due to its natural look and richest feature. But, for stronger bamboo flooring version, you have to choose the engineered version. Engineered bamboo flooring is […]

elevated bed frame 4

Opt for Elevated Bed Frame than Standard Bed Frame

The right bed will affect the feel of your sleep. A good bed and mattress will make you feel fresh in the morning. It means you have such good quality sleep. The factor behind quality sleep is the right bed frame and mattress. Let’s talk about the bed frame. Usually, people opt for standard bed frame. This one is the regular type. You can buy it in many furniture stores. […]

door window curtains 15

Which Door Window Curtains That I Should Buy?

When you have glass door in the house, you might think that you need to cover it with something. It will add the privacy to your house. It also gives you cover from direct sunlight. In the night, the cover will reduce the amount of light leaked to the outside. You have to buy door window curtains for this. We’d like to give short and quick guide to shop for […]

DIY stained glass 12

Creating DIY Stained Glass Design

Having decorative stained glass doesn’t mean that you should spend much money. You can do DIY stained glass project if you want it. This is especially perfect for people who like creating something useful for their house. This project is quite easy to be done too. You just need to take some of your time for decorating stained glass. But, before you are going further, you should choose the ornaments […]